Mini ball valve

Mini ball valve / stainless steel Mini ball valve / 304 stainless steel Mini ball valve / 316 stainless steel Mini ball valve.

Mini ball valve is suitable for PN 1.0~4.0MPa, working temperature is-29℃ to 180℃(These sealing ring is reinforced polytetraiuoroethylene) or-29~300℃
(the sealing ring is Para-polyphenylene) is used to cut of for connect the medium in the pipeline.Different materials are selected, which can be respectively applied to water, steam, oil, acetic acid and other media.

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Powder butterfly valve

Powder butterfly valve is mainly designed for powder, granule, capsule and other container equipment systems. The butterfly valve has the characteristics that standard butterfly valve does not have, such as ultra-small torque, seal open/close does not produce excessive friction, long life, No seal powder shedding, ultra-short valve body and adjustable pressure. The valve does not require professional tools to be disassembled, maintained, cleaned, safe, reliable, low cost, simple to operate and can be interchanged manually, pneumatically or electrically.

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