Mixproof double seat butterfly valve

Mixproof double seat butterfly valve

The mix proof butterfly valve as a process element for the

separation of media is suitable for a variety of applications:

◆In CIP systems, for separating CIP media

◆In flush-out processes

◆In water management

◆As pipe section shut-off valve for separat ig media

In CIP/gas management(breweries)

◆At storage tanks for separating product/CIP

◆As CIP return valve in a valve matrix

◆Preferably suitable for liquid and gaseous media without

suspended matter/particles.

Mixproof double seat butterfly valve

Manufacturer of beer brewing accessories

We are professional manufacturer of beer brewing equipment more than 10 years.
Brewing Accessories
Fermenter Accessories
Upgrade Kits
GN Steel Trays
Hose clamps

Dip tube, Adjustable for beer brewing

Racking arms for beer brewing

Thermowell for beer brewing

Reduction BSP Male with nut for beer brewing

Reduction Clamp male avec gorge joint for beer brewing

We used to be the supplier of Brewtools for the accessories for brewing equipment

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Dip tube Adjustable for beer brewing

Professional Manufacturer of Hygienic Divert Seat Valve/Reversing Valve/Single Seat Valve

Sanitary Divert Seat Valve is one of the constructive types of control pipeline valves. This is the most commonly used type of control valve for both continuous (analog) and discrete control of flow and pressure.

Divert Seat Valve perform this task by changing the flow rate of the medium through their flow area. The material of manufacture of reversing valve depends directly on the type of working medium with which the valve will come into contact. In reversing valves, a plunger serves as a movable element, which can be needle, rod or poppet. The plunger moves perpendicular to the flow axis of the medium through the seat (or saddles), changing the flow area.

The most common ones are double-seat valves, since their shutter is well balanced, which allows them to be used for continuous pressure regulation up to 6.3 MPa in pipelines with a diameter of up to 300 mm, while using actuators of lower power than single-seat ones. Single-seated valves are most commonly used for small bore diameters due to their unbalanced plug.

Also, the advantage of two-seat valves is that with such a design it is much easier to ensure the tightness required for shut-off and control valves using a plunger that has a special regulating profile for contact with one seat, and for fitting into another seat – a sealing surface for tighter contact.

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sanitary stainless steel single seat valve

Professional Factory/Manufacturer of Sanitary Self-Priming Pump Centrifugal Pump

Features of sanitary self-priming pump:
The sanitary self-priming pump is a highly efficient and economical centrifugal pump that meets sanitary requirements during the treatment process, is soft and does not damage the material, and has chemical resistance. All parts in contact with materials are made of SUS304 and SUS316L. The standard configuration includes housing and pump feet. The sanitary self-priming pump is a high-pressure pump designed on the basis of a standard centrifugal pump. It is suitable for high inlet pressure occasions and can withstand up to 40bar inlet pressure. The pump is designed with an open impeller, internal mirror polished, no dead ends, no residue after cleaning, and low noise.

Overview of sanitary self-priming pump:
The application of modern new technologies and new concepts to continuously innovate the production process of centrifugal pumps. The pride of a new generation of sanitary SCP series centrifugal pumps. Because it meets GMP requirements and traditional quality. Provide users with better pump performance, higher efficiency, longer service life, and users benefit more.

Sanitary self-priming pump application:
Medicines: infusion, distilled water, high-purity water, Chinese medicine liquid with particles of 3-6 mm, extract; cosmetics: dyes, alcohol, essential oils; dairy products: whey, cream, milk, sugar liquid; beverages: alcohol, liquor , Beer, wort, fermentation broth, fruit juice drinks, beverages with particles; others: confectionery, baking, chemical industries, etc.

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sanitary stainless steel self-priming pump