Sanitary fitings and valves for beer brewing

Generally speaking, the Tri-Clamp Fittings, Sanitary Valves,Sanitary Hoses,Sanitary Strainers,Sanitary pumps are necessary component for beer brewing, and for Food, beverage, pharmaceutical, dairy industries.

Tri-Clamp Fittings
Some of the most common and popular types of stainless fittings are tri-clamp, also known as tri-clover. These have a practical and straightforward design.

Using a gasket and clamp, the tri-clamp system creates a leak-proof environment for your favorite beverage.

Tri-clamp fittings connect flush against each other, with a gasket seal in-between. They are held firmly together by a clamp, which completes the assembly. Elegant and low maintenance, this is the industry standard.

Because the design is so simple, this means sanitization and assembly are quick. Even replacing gaskets is a breeze, making these fittings great long-term investments.

Tri-clamp fittings come in a variety of designs and sizes to fit every possible need. In our selection, there are reducers, elbows, laterals, and much more. You can design the perfect brewing system for just about any need.

You may hear the term “tri-clover” when discussing fittings. Generally, the term is interchangeable with tri-clamp. Without going into historical context, both stainless connectors are essentially the same.

Tri-Clamp Fittings

Sanitary Valves
Valves can come in a variety of designs to suit your particular needs. Whether you need to reduce interior tank pressure with a relief valve during fermentation or introduce clean water with a simple ball valve, valves are an important component of your hardware.

Quality stainless steel fittings should fit valves and match the style you desire. A suitable valve should be leak-free, operate efficiently, and be simple to clean. They’re also available in various types of seating material and handle colors.

The most common types of valves are ball valves and butterfly valves. The former is a ball with a hole drilled through it, allowing flow when rotated. The latter is a disk that turns on a shaft.

Ball valves offer less all-around resistance and can maintain pressure more efficiently, while butterfly valves are generally cheaper and easier to maintain.

Sanitary valves

Sanitary Hoses
Food grade hoses allow you to transport the beverage from one place to another. They do so while offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

These must be USDA and FDA compliant and can come in various lengths and fittings to pair with the rest of your brewers’ hardware.

Quick disconnects are easy with quality hoses that use stainless connectors. These are made from various materials with different temperature ranges.

Sometimes hoses are made for the type of beverage you’re moving, such as wine or beer, making for more diverse options in your setup.

Sanitary Hoses

Sanitary Pumps

Sanitary pumps are suitable for transporting clean liquid materials without solid particles, pure water and other medical products, beverages, and alcohol.

Sanitary Pumps

Sanitary Strainers
The last of the brewers’ hardware we’ll be discussing are stainless strainers. These provide another tool in your hardware toolbox.

Whether being used as tank sprayers or mesh filtration, they improve the product’s purity and quality.

Even mesh overlays should be made with high-quality stainless steel. They should also come in various sizes and lengths, thus allowing for better control throughout the brewing process.

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Sanitary Strainers

Sanitary Strainer or Sanitary fliter is used to eliminate the small particulates from compressors, pumps, meters and some other equipments. When liquids flow through the screen, impurities can be held up, then pure liquids come out through the outlet. If cleaning is needed, just draw out the cartridge and put it back after the cleaning, it is very convenient for using and maintenance.

The filters are with compact design, strong filter power, small damage and favorable pricing, they are widely used in food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

Body Material AISI 304 or AISI 316L
Gasket Material EPDM, Silicone, Viton (FPM)
End Connections butt-weld, tri-clamp, union, flange
Mesh sizes from 0.5mm to 2.0mm
Screen from 30 mesh to 300 mesh
Max. Working Pressure 145psi (10bar)
Working Temperature 14 ~ 248°F (-10 ~ 120°C)
Internal Finish Ra 16 ~ 32µin (0.4 ~ 0.8µm), Ra 32µin as default.
External Finish Ra 16 ~ 32µin (0.4 ~ 0.8µm), Ra 32µin as default.
Y Type Filter no need to disassemble from pipeline, just loose the clamp or nut, then the mesh can be took off easily.

Sanitary Y Strainer, Y Type Filter , line type Strainer, angle type Strainer , jacket type Strainer,

sanitary filter housing
tri clamp filter housing
Cartridge filter housing

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