Manufacturer Of Sanitary valves and pipe fittings

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We are a professional manufacturer  of Sanitary stainless steel valves, Sanitary stainless steel fittings, Sanitary stainless steel pump.

Sanitary valves ( Sanitary butterfly valve, Sanitary check valve,  Sanitary ball valve,  CPM, diaphragm valves, sanitary plug valve,divert seat valve…)
Sanitary fittings ( elbow, tee, clamp, ferrule, union, cleaning ball, sight glass, filter…)
Sanitary pump (Sanitary centrifugal pump,  rotary lobe,  CIP)

pipe clips / pipe hangers , hygienic Pipe clips,Sanitary pipe holder, sanitary tube hanger
Sanitary clamps ,sanitary clamp, sanitary single pin clamp, sanitary double pin clamp , high pressure clamp, clamp ferrule,
Sanitary unions,sanitary union, sanitary DIN union, sanitary SMS unions, sanitary DS unions, sanitary RJT unions,Blind nut with chain, DIN11850 unions,DIN11851 unions, 3A unions, SMS unions, ISO unions, RJT unions, Sanitary end cap , Hexagon nut ,male , liner. hygienic unions.
DIN Sanitary Bend ,sanitaryTee ,sanitary Reducers, 3A Sanitary Bends ,Tees ,Reducers, SMS Sanitary Bends ,Tees ,Reducers. BPE Sanitary Bends ,Tees ,Reducers. hygienic bends.Pipe materials ( stainless steel pipe, bar, sheet…)

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Manufacturer of beer brewing accessories

We are professional manufacturer of beer brewing equipment more than 10 years.
Brewing Accessories
Fermenter Accessories
Upgrade Kits
GN Steel Trays
Hose clamps

Dip tube, Adjustable for beer brewing

Racking arms for beer brewing

Thermowell for beer brewing

Reduction BSP Male with nut for beer brewing

Reduction Clamp male avec gorge joint for beer brewing

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Dip tube Adjustable for beer brewing

Professional Manufacturer of Hygienic Divert Seat Valve/Reversing Valve/Single Seat Valve

Sanitary Divert Seat Valve is one of the constructive types of control pipeline valves. This is the most commonly used type of control valve for both continuous (analog) and discrete control of flow and pressure.

Divert Seat Valve perform this task by changing the flow rate of the medium through their flow area. The material of manufacture of reversing valve depends directly on the type of working medium with which the valve will come into contact. In reversing valves, a plunger serves as a movable element, which can be needle, rod or poppet. The plunger moves perpendicular to the flow axis of the medium through the seat (or saddles), changing the flow area.

The most common ones are double-seat valves, since their shutter is well balanced, which allows them to be used for continuous pressure regulation up to 6.3 MPa in pipelines with a diameter of up to 300 mm, while using actuators of lower power than single-seat ones. Single-seated valves are most commonly used for small bore diameters due to their unbalanced plug.

Also, the advantage of two-seat valves is that with such a design it is much easier to ensure the tightness required for shut-off and control valves using a plunger that has a special regulating profile for contact with one seat, and for fitting into another seat – a sealing surface for tighter contact.

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Professional Factory/Manufacturer of Sanitary Self-Priming Pump Centrifugal Pump

Features of sanitary self-priming pump:
The sanitary self-priming pump is a highly efficient and economical centrifugal pump that meets sanitary requirements during the treatment process, is soft and does not damage the material, and has chemical resistance. All parts in contact with materials are made of SUS304 and SUS316L. The standard configuration includes housing and pump feet. The sanitary self-priming pump is a high-pressure pump designed on the basis of a standard centrifugal pump. It is suitable for high inlet pressure occasions and can withstand up to 40bar inlet pressure. The pump is designed with an open impeller, internal mirror polished, no dead ends, no residue after cleaning, and low noise.

Overview of sanitary self-priming pump:
The application of modern new technologies and new concepts to continuously innovate the production process of centrifugal pumps. The pride of a new generation of sanitary SCP series centrifugal pumps. Because it meets GMP requirements and traditional quality. Provide users with better pump performance, higher efficiency, longer service life, and users benefit more.

Sanitary self-priming pump application:
Medicines: infusion, distilled water, high-purity water, Chinese medicine liquid with particles of 3-6 mm, extract; cosmetics: dyes, alcohol, essential oils; dairy products: whey, cream, milk, sugar liquid; beverages: alcohol, liquor , Beer, wort, fermentation broth, fruit juice drinks, beverages with particles; others: confectionery, baking, chemical industries, etc.

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sanitary stainless steel self-priming pump

Manufacturer of Hygienic Food Grade Quick-Install Butterfly Valve

working principle:
The sanitary quick-install butterfly valve is a stainless steel valve that uses a circular butterfly plate as an opening and closing part and rotates with the valve stem to open, close and adjust the fluid passage.
The butterfly plate of the sanitary quick-install butterfly valve is installed in the diameter direction of the pipeline. In the cylindrical passage of the stainless steel butterfly valve body, the disc-shaped butterfly plate rotates around the axis, and the rotation angle is between 0° and 90°. When the rotation reaches 90°, the valve is fully opened.

Sealing of sanitary quick-install butterfly valve: The sanitary quick-install butterfly valve is a centerline stainless steel soft-sealed butterfly valve. Its sealing principle is to ensure that the sealing surface of the sanitary quick-install butterfly valve has a suitable surface roughness value during processing. Synthetic rubber valve The seat forms a suitable surface roughness value for the sealing surface during compression molding.
When the stainless steel butterfly valve is closed, through the rotation of the valve plate, the outer sealing surface of the valve plate squeezes the synthetic rubber valve seat, so that the synthetic rubber valve seat produces elastic deformation. The elastic force is used as the sealing pressure to ensure the sealing of the valve.

Application: Sanitary fast-installed butterfly valve is specially used in dairy products, food, pharmaceutical, beer, cosmetics and other industrial fields.

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food grade stainless steel butterfly valve

SANSUN Professional Manufacturer of Food Grade Plug Valve/Stopcock Valve

The plug valve is a shut-off or plunger-like rotary valve. The channel opening on the valve plug is the same as or separated from the channel opening on the valve body by rotating 90° to achieve opening or closing.

The shape of the plug of the plug valve can be cylindrical or conical. In a cylindrical valve plug, the channel is generally rectangular; in a tapered valve plug, the channel is trapezoidal. These shapes make the structure of the plug valve lighter, but at the same time it also produces a certain loss.

The plug valve is most suitable for shutting off and connecting the medium and for diversion, but depending on the applicable properties and the erosion resistance of the sealing surface, it can sometimes be used for throttling.

Since the movement between the sealing surfaces of the plug valve has a wiping effect, and it can completely prevent contact with the flowing medium when it is fully opened, it can usually be used for medium with suspended particles.

Another important feature of the plug valve is that it is easy to adapt to the multi-channel structure, so that one valve can obtain two, three, or even four different flow channels. This can simplify the design of the piping system, reduce the amount of valves and some connection accessories required in the equipment.

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sanitary stainless steel plug valve

Factory/Manufacturer of Sanitary Stainless Steel Reversing Valve

The stainless steel pneumatic sanitary reversing valve is mainly used for the purpose of reversing or stopping the medium. Because of its superior sealing and cleanability, it is widely used in various sanitary industries.

Working principle of sanitary pneumatic reversing valve:
Pneumatic cut-off/reversing valve series is to convert the energy generated by compressed air into mechanical energy, which will drive the axial movement of the valve stem, so that the position of the moving sealing component will control the opening and closing of the pipe port, and finally reach the medium For the purpose of reversing or staying, the manual cut-off reversing valve series is ultimately for the purpose of medium reversing or staying through manual manipulation of the handle.

Standard design of sanitary pneumatic reversing valve:
Various standard valve series can be provided to customers, namely for DIN standard series, 3A standard series, SMS standard series, ISO/IDF standard series, BS/RJT standard series, ASME/BPE and other standard series.

Reference for selection of sanitary pneumatic reversing valve:
This series of valves has two valve forms: cut-off type and reversing type. The cut-off type valve can be made with two or three pipe connections, and the reversing type valve can be made with three to five pipes. The diversity of interfaces fully meets the needs of the market.

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sanitary stainless steel reversing valve