Manufacturer Of Sanitary valves and pipe fittings

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We are a professional manufacturer  of Sanitary pipe clips / pipe hangers , hygienic Pipe clips,Sanitary pipe holder, sanitary tube hanger
Sanitary clamps ,sanitary clamp, sanitary single pin clamp, sanitary double pin clamp , high pressure clamp, clamp ferrule,
Sanitary unions,sanitary union, sanitary DIN union, sanitary SMS unions, sanitary DS unions, sanitary RJT unions,Blind nut with chain, DIN11850 unions,DIN11851 unions, 3A unions, SMS unions, ISO unions, RJT unions, Sanitary end cap , Hexagon nut ,male , liner. hygienic unions.
DIN Sanitary Bend ,sanitaryTee ,sanitary Reducers, 3A Sanitary Bends ,Tees ,Reducers, SMS Sanitary Bends ,Tees ,Reducers. BPE Sanitary Bends ,Tees ,Reducers. hygienic bends.

Sanitary valves ( Sanitary butterfly valve, Sanitary check valve,  Sanitary ball valve,  CPM, diaphragm valves, sanitary plug valve,divert seat valve…)
Sanitary fittings ( elbow, tee, clamp, ferrule, union, cleaning ball, sight glass, filter…)
Sanitary pump (Sanitary centrifugal pump,  rotary lobe,  CIP)
Pipe materials ( stainless steel pipe, bar, sheet…)

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Manufacturer Of Sanitary Butterfly Valve with multi-position stainless steel handle

We Produce Sanitary Butterfly Valve with multi-position stainless steel handle

Hygienic Sanitary SS Food Grade Tri-Clamp Butterfly Valve with Ss Muti-Position Handle

Pulling handle/multi-position plastic handle/multi-position stainless steel handle/electric actuator/pneumatic head.

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Sanitary Butterfly Valve with multi-position stainless steel handle

Sanitary Butterfly Valve with Pneumatic Actuator and C-TOP Control Unit

sanitary butterfly valve with pneumatic actuator and C-TOP control unit, it is widely used in process piping systems for isolation and control. AV-1PC-C butterfly valve operates automatically with C-TOP control module.

C-TOP control module: With solenoid valves and inductive detectors inside, the control units are fitted to the pneumatic actuator. It receives signals from a control panel or from a PLC to actuate the valves and sends signals to the PLC or to the control panel to communicate the status/position of the valve.

Sanitary Butterfly Valve with Pneumatic Actuator and C-TOP Control Unit

Closed loop extractor operating principle

What is a closed loop extractor
A closed loop extractor is a extraction system that can concentrate, pure, separate materials to get materials with a higher purity. Closed loop extractor is a full-set equipment, which means it can process dried hemp plant into cbd oil by itself. It is closed in its whole process, which means there is no materials or solvents exposed in the air in the whole time.

How does a closed loop extraction system work
The materials are put into the material column to get soaked by ethanol or other solvents. In this process, substances get extracted. Then the mixture will be transferred into next column and get separated. The solvents will be transferred into next column and extracted substances will be saved in the bottom container for users to get. In closed loop extractor, the solvents can be recycled and used for several times.

Are closed loop extractor safe
Any mechanical equipments all need to attention so

me tips during the using. For a closed loop extractor, you’d better operate it outdoors, which is the safest and most economical environment. And what you also should notice are: to guarantee the environment temperature not too high and no fire or any exposition around.

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Manufacturer Of Sampling Valve For Brewery

Sampling Valve For Beer Application

Stainless Steel Beer Spigot Fitting Sampling Valve

sampling valve Using EPDN expansion, sealing, suitable for sampling beer, beverage, container equipment

Brewing Valve Sample Pigtail. It can’t be used on the brewing tank.

Sampling Valve Proof Coil For Brewery

Sampling Coil 316 Brewing

The foam eliminator is used in pressure vessel sampling valve system. The foam eliminator is equipped with special function.

Carbonation Stone For Brewery

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Manufacturer Of Pressure Relief Valves for brewing

Our Pressure Relief Valves for brewing was in the assembly process…

We also produe the Spunding valve / Bunging valves / Bunging Relief Pressure Device Regulating Valves for brewing equipment , distilling equipment .

Bunging Relief Pressure Device Regulating Valves,
Brewery Pressure Relief Valves “
Sanitary Air Relief Valve
Sanitary Air Pressure Relief Valves
Sanitary Air Relief Valve, Vent Valve
Sanitary Tank Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve, Vacuum Breaker
Sanitary Tank Pressure Relief Valve, Pressure Adjustable Type
Sanitary Safety Exhaust Valve With Glass Window
Air Vent Valve
Stainless Steel Sanitary Safety Relief Valves

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Pneumatic Shut-off Reversing Single Seat Valve And Double Seat Diverter Valve

Pneumatic Shut-off Valve is a pneumatic actuated hygienic single seat valve. It is operated automatically by a single acting or double acting air actuator, our Pneumatic shut-off and diverter valve is widely used for the application such as food processing industry, beverage production, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries etc. Sansun offers full line sanitary valves to reduce your budget and improve your business well etc.

Design and Features

  • Compact and robust design. 3A certified valve.
  • Available sizes: from DN25 to DN100.
  • Normally closed valve(NC) in the standard version.
  • The valve can be changed to normally open (NO) by simply reversing the position of the pneumatic actuator.
  • Hygienic design according to 3A standards.
  • 360°adjustable body.
  • Open lantern allows visual inspection of shaft sealing.
  • Easy assembly/disassembly of internal parts by loosening a clamp fastener.
  • Standard weld connections (mm or inches).


  • Wetted Parts: AISI 316L, AISI 304
  • Other parts: stainless steel 304
  • Gasket: EPDM acc. to FDA 177.2600
  • Internal surface finish: Ra? 0.8?m
  • External surface finish: bright polish

Technical specifications

  • Working temperature: -10°C to +120°C(EPDM)/ 14°F ~ 248°F
  • +140°C (SIP, max.30min) / 284°F
  • Max. working pressure: 10bar 145PSI
  • Compressed air pressure: 6-8 bar   87-114PSI
  • Air connections: G1/8″ (BSP)


  • Available sizes: DN25-DN100  / 1″- 4″
  • Gasket: FPM(Vition)(R) in compliance with FDA 177.2600.
  • Connections: DIN, Clamp, SMS, RJT, FIL-IDF, etc
  • Double-acting pneumatic actuator.
  • “Twin-Stop” actuator.
  • External position sensors.
  • Steam barrier (if shaft sterilization is required).
  • Jacketed body.
  • C-TOP control unit.
  • Surface finish: Ra<0.5um.
  • Manual actuation .
  • Material certificates.

Sketch of NO and NC Pneumatic Actuator:

pneumatic shut-off single seat valve

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Pneumatic Actuated Sanitary Butterfly Valve

Pneumatic Actuated Sanitary Butterfly Valve is the sanitary butterfly valves operated by pneumatic actuator. SANSUN is ability to provides both intelligent control and stainless steel actuator with multi-connected air actuated butterfly valve of tri-clamp, butt-weld, male/female threaded, flanged to 3A, DIN, SMS, RJT, ISO, IDF etc. The valve is whole stainless steel 304 or 316L, with sealing material to FDA177.2600.

SANSUN pneumatic actuated sanitary butterfly valve is a idea choice for the processing industries of Food, Brewery, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical etc.

  • Compact and robust design.
  • Variety of valve standards: DIN, 3A, SMS, ISO / IDF, BS / RJT, and ASME / BPE.
  • Full line from 1″ to 12″ with multi-ends of tri-clamp, threaded, flanged, butt-welded etc.
  • Multi-position handle is suitable up to  DN100/4″ valve.
  • The valve body can be changeable with any kind of connection
  • Valve body are renewable.
  • Washer and gasket: EPDM conforms to PFA 177.2600.
  • Gaskets are available in NBR, MVQ or FPM, which all confirm to standard of FDA177.2600
  • Valve intelligent control: position sensor, C-top controller, C-top controller (AS-I)
  • Austenite Stainless Steel AISI 304 forged,
  • Austenite Stainless Steel AISI 316L forged etc.
    • Pneumatic stainless steel actuator
    • Pneumatic aluminum actuator
    • Intelligent Pneumatic

pneumatic actuated sanitary butterfly valveintelligent pneumatic sanitary butterfly valve

End Connection
  • Tri-clover
  • Butt-weld
  • Threaded
  • Flanged

to 3A, DIN, SMS, BS, RTJ, ISO, IDF, DS, INCH etc.

  • Full stainless steel structure, long service time.
  • Forged valve body, good performance and visual.
  • Superior facilities and good experiences for fabrication.
  • Custom fabrication is available both for valve design and actuator.
  • Fast delivery is possible to meet your needs well in time.
  • Small order quantity acceptable.
Quality & Inspection
  • PMI test to verify material grade
  • Dimension controlling during fabricating and finished
  • Visual and surface 100% examination before shipment
  • Packed in carton box firstly, then in wooden case
  • Third party inspection available.

Food, Brewery, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Biopharm etc.


Manufacturer Of Bunging Valves For Brewing Industry

In order to either speed up production, maintain a natural process, achieve a certain mouthfeel, follow their interpretation or simply spend less money buying carbon dioxide gas (CO2), some brewers opt to naturally carbonate their beer before packaging. This differs from America’s much more common “forced carbonation” method of forcing the proper amount of purchased or self-collected CO2 into the beer.

Because an unregulated natural carbonation requires a brewer to keep active vigil over her ferment, lest it develop head or fizz that’s too fervent or too lackadaisical, this potentially dangerous technique can leave too much to chance. As a way to control the amount of gas absorbed or released, some brewers turn to “pressurized” fermentation, otherwise known as spunding.

What is Bunging Valve and How Does it Work?

Spunding directly translates from German to English as “bunging.” This method of natural carbonation involves carefully monitoring your present gravity and sealing off the tank after the aggressive initial stages of fermentation have finished. Once your wort ferments to near your targeted final gravity (too many variables keep us from recommending how near) and you’ve closed off all orifices, you set the spunding valve you’ve attached to your tank to your desired hold-pressure. (Though the pounds per square inch depend heavily on the style and amount of carbonation you’re after as well as the actual temperature of the beer in the tank, this number will almost always hover in the single digits so that you don’t risk exceeding the safe limitations of your tank.)

The valve’s attached gauge monitors PSI (or the display could read in metric pressure units such as “bar” or “kPa” units of measurement), and any extra gas emitted above the set level triggers the variable pressure relief valve to open automatically. Once the pressure falls back down to the desired setpoint, the valve closes.

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Air release valve-sansun-pressure-relief-vave-made-in-china-tank safety valve......
bunging device for brewery

High-quality-stainless-steel-sanitary-Vaccume-relief valve
 Bunging Valve for brewery