Manufacturer of pneumatic butterfly type ball valve

pneumatic butterfly type ball valve
Sanitary pneumatic butterfly type ball valve is ready for our customer.
Sanitary butterfly type ball valve is manual or pneumatic, use for stainless steel pipe system. best choice for medium with emplastic and grain in sanitary area. it is for food, drink, pharmacy and chemical.

Sanitary Butterfly type ball valve, manual and pneumatic control. simple structure like butterfly valve. disassembly easily. with ball valve less resistance, flexible opening, use to more area, and long life time. with setting for drainage. no medium remaining.

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butterfly type ball valve

butterfly type ball valve 02


Manufacturer Of Mixing Proof Valve Manifold

Manufacturer Of Mixing Proof Valve Manifold.

Double Seal Mixproof Valve / Shut-off Double Seat Mixproof Valve / Double Seat Valves Cluster / Shut-off Single Seat Valve / Divert Single Seat Valve / Overflow Single Seat Valve / Sanitary Single Seat Divert Valve   / Tank Bottom Double Seat Valve /



Manufacturer of sanitary rotary lobe pump

Sanitary rotary Lobe Pump with ABB Motor for a Chocolate

Sanitary rotary lobe pump with sanitary design suitable for use in the dairy, food-processing, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries.

This sanitary lobe pump is perfect for managing all kinds of fluid, of either low or high viscosity, as well as for filtering and bottling applications. Products containing fragile solids such as curd can be pumped without damage thanks to the specially designed lobes.

we also manufacturer of sanitarty centrifugal pumps.

We are manufacturer of hygienic centrifugal pumps and hygienic rotary lobe pump.

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Manufacturer of Sanitary Air Relief Valve / Stainless Steel Pressure Release Valve

Stainless Steel Pressure Release Valve/ Sanitary Air Relief Valve/ Sanitary Tank Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve is designed to protect stainless tank working in safety. From pressure side, when the valve is normally closed and tank pressure exceeds the rated pressure on the outside of valve, the valve automatically opens and vents air to atmosphere. From vacuum side, when the valve is normally closed and there is vacuum in tank, the vacuum piston inside the valve opens automatically and draws air into the tank. In return, this keeps the pressure inside and outside the tank balanced.


pressure relief valve

Sanitary Safety Exhaust Valve With Glass Window -Sanitary Air Relief Valve-Sanitary Air Relief Valve, Vent Valve-Sanitary Tank Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve, Vacuum Breaker-Sanitary Tank Pressure Relief Valve, Pressure Adjustable Type-Sanitary Safety Exhaust Valve With Glass Window-Air Vent Valve

Manufacturer Of Bunging Valve / Spunding valve

Manufacturer Of Bunging Valve for brewery tanks

Manufacturer Of Spunding valve for brewery tanks

Manufacturer Of Bunging Relief Pressure Device Regulating Valves for brewery tanks

Spunding valves (Bunging valves) are variable pressure relief valves, commonly used on brewery tanks to assist with carbonation / maintenance of desired CO2 levels, and release of excess gas during fermentations. They are not necessarily suitable as safety pressure relief valves and you should ensure any tanks are operated within their specified SWP ( safe working pressure) and have adequate pressure and vacuum relief fittings.

Our Spunding valves have a 90 degree bend with horizontal 1.5-inch tricamp connection, and a pressure gauge. Adapters , tees, etc for other connection types can be supplied. Standard range is 0.2 to 2 bar (3 to 30 psi), with accuracy around 5%. Other ranges available to special order. They are graduated in 0.2 bar increments, and fitted with a clear plastic anti-spray shield.

Bunging pressure device, It has marked scale on the valve, so you could know the pressure you set.
bunging pressure device,The pressure of relief valve could be observed. In its using process, the white tray around the valve will be full of water. when it begins release pressure, we could water the bubble will occur. So,you could have a clear knowledge when the pressure is released.
bunging pressure device, It will doesn’t work for negative pressure.

Stainless Steel Sanitary Air Relief Valve with Pressure Gauge It is a self-acting device, or could be manually operated to release air out of tanks. With a pressure gauge installed, it enables pressure to be monitored with a precise numeric value.

Manufacturer Of Sanitary Air Relief Valve for brewery , Sanitary Air Pressure Relief Valves,Sanitary Air Relief Valve, ,Vent Valve,Sanitary Tank Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve, Vacuum Breaker,Sanitary TankPressure Relief Valve, Pressure Adjustable Type,Sanitary Safety Exhaust Valve With Glass Window,Air Vent Valve ,Stainless Steel Sanitary Safety Relief Valves.

Stainless Steel Pressure Release Valve With Pressure Gauge

Sanitary air pressure relief valve 1

Sanitary air pressure relief valve 2

Manufacturer of Sanitary Stainless Steel Tank bottom seat valve/Tank bottom valve

Sanitary Stainless Steel Tank bottom seat valve/Tank bottom valve. The Tank bottom valve seat valve is a pneumatically operated single seat valve,assembled at the bottom of tank, used in diary , food processing, beverage,pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries.

Manufacturer of shut-off single seat valve – divert single seat valve – tank bottom single seat valve – double seal mixproof valve – overflow single seat valve – tank bottom double seat valve – shut-off double seat mixproof valve – sanitary single seat divert valvetank-bottom-valve 1

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Manufacturer Of Single seat valve / Sanitary single seat divert valve

Divert seat valve / single seat valve The single seat valve has been designed in observance of the strictest hygiene and reliability criteria to cover a wide range of applications as a shut-off valve or a diverter valve. Standard characteristics Connections from 1″ to 6″, EPDM, FKM, HNBR and PTFE gaskets. Temperatures: maximum 140 °C, minimum -10 °C. Maximum pressure 10 bar*.

Manufacturer of shut-off single seat valve – divert single seat valve – tank bottom single seat valve – double seal mixproof valve – overflow single seat valve – tank bottom double seat valve – shut-off double seat mixproof valve – sanitary single seat divert valve

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Manufacturer-stainless-steel-sanitary-divert- seat- valve

Sanitary safety valve / PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE

Sanitary stainless steel safety valve/ PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE


Sanitary stainless steel safety valve



Sanitary stainless steel safety valve/PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE , its design makes it adequate

For protection of installations in the pharmaceutical industry. lt is used to perform

pressure by pass for safety purposes in order to protect lines, pumps, fittings, tanks, etc.

Operating Principles:

Under normal operating conditions, the valve remains closed .lt is calibrated to a

specific pressure by regulating the spring with the pressure nut. The calibrated

pressure is a maximum safety pressure to avoid damage of the plant.

When the pressure in the circuit exceeds the calibrated pressure, the valve opens

letting the flow pass, thus, the pressure in the pipe system is reduced.

The valve can be provided with a handle ,its designs allows to partially open the valve

in order to allow the passage of the cleaning solutions during the ClP process.