Sanitary safety valve / PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE

Sanitary stainless steel safety valve/ PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE


Sanitary stainless steel safety valve



Sanitary stainless steel safety valve/PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE , its design makes it adequate

For protection of installations in the pharmaceutical industry. lt is used to perform

pressure by pass for safety purposes in order to protect lines, pumps, fittings, tanks, etc.

Operating Principles:

Under normal operating conditions, the valve remains closed .lt is calibrated to a

specific pressure by regulating the spring with the pressure nut. The calibrated

pressure is a maximum safety pressure to avoid damage of the plant.

When the pressure in the circuit exceeds the calibrated pressure, the valve opens

letting the flow pass, thus, the pressure in the pipe system is reduced.

The valve can be provided with a handle ,its designs allows to partially open the valve

in order to allow the passage of the cleaning solutions during the ClP process.


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