Manufacturer of Sanitary Stainless Steel Pneumatic Diaphragm Valve

The working temperature of the pneumatic sanitary diaphragm valve is usually limited by the materials used in the diaphragm and the valve body lining. Its working temperature range is about -50~175℃. The imported diaphragm valve has a simple structure, consisting of three main parts: valve body, diaphragm and bonnet assembly. The valve is easy to quickly disassemble and repair, and the replacement of the diaphragm can be completed on site and in a short time.
Pneumatic sanitary diaphragm valve is a special form of shut-off valve. The difference from other valves is that it adopts a structure without a stuffing box; the rubber diaphragm can completely isolate the corrosive medium in the flow channel from all driving parts. So as to eliminate the disadvantages of “running, leaking, dripping and leaking” of the usual valves.
Replace the valve core assembly with a corrosion-resistant lining and a corrosion-resistant diaphragm. The pneumatic sanitary diaphragm valve body is made of cast iron, cast steel, or cast stainless steel, and is lined with various corrosion-resistant or wear-resistant materials, diaphragm rubber and polytetrafluoroethylene. The liner has strong corrosion resistance and is suitable for the adjustment of strong corrosive media such as strong acid and strong alkali.

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