Professional Manufacturer of Sanitary Air Exhaust Valve

The sanitary exhaust valve is used to maintain the normal pressure level in the system. If this value is exceeded in a storage tank or pipeline, the equipment helps to discharge quickly. These equipments are usually purchased and installed in the food industry enterprises. This is based on the technical process. In the fermentation process of liquid or emulsion, high pressure will be formed in the production process of beer, natural waffle, alcoholic beverages and some seasonings.

The pressure of the exhaust valve is adjusted by a screw cap. The pressure value can be read on the scale on the lower edge of the lid. Devices without pressure limiters can be adjusted by moving the scale.

If the pressure in the reservoir exceeds the set spring resistance, the valve diaphragm will rise. The excess pressure is discharged through the gas inlet into the container, which has been previously filled with clean water. At low temperatures, glycerol can be used to dilute water by one third (by volume).

The sanitary exhaust valve is very professional. A professional exhaust valve is used on the CCT tank to control and release the pressure, allowing you to monitor the fermentation process using a glass filled with liquid (water). The sanitary exhaust valve is completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel, fully foldable and easy to clean.

Sanitary air release exhaust valves are widely used to protect production lines from pressure drops and maintain the set pressure in the production area. This equipment is particularly widely used in the beer industry; during the fermentation process, a certain pressure must be maintained so as not to destroy the technology. Use when you do not want to collect carbon dioxide.

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Sanitary SS304 Exhaust Valve
Sanitary SS304 Exhaust Valve


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