Factory of Sanitary Stainless Steel Ball Valve SS304/316L

The sanitary ball valve is a stainless steel material processed by high-grade polishing equipment, with a smooth and beautiful surface. Used in food, pharmaceutical, bioengineering and other industries! It is widely used in piping equipment with high sanitary requirements such as pharmaceuticals and food. The main valve body material is stainless steel 316L as the main material of the valve body.

The sanitary ball valve is usually connected to the pipeline with a clamp quick installation, which can be more convenient for disassembly, maintenance or cleaning. It is made of SUS304 and 316L stainless steel materials. The inner and outer surfaces are polished and sterilized, and they have undergone precise inspection procedures and strict quality management, which can meet the special requirements of wine, food, biopharmaceutical and other industries. The all-inclusive F4 seal is adopted, there are no dead corners and it is easy to clean, and there is no medium accumulation area, which completely guarantees cleanliness and conforms to food hygiene regulations.

The sanitary ball valve is equipped with solenoid valves, travel switches and other related accessories, which can be used for remote automatic control. It can also be equipped with a valve positioner to input 4-20mA signals according to the needs of working conditions to adjust the pipeline medium proportionally. The channel with smooth inner walls, no dead ends, seamless, automatic emptying, etc. is also very suitable for the needs of on-site cleaning, and is widely used in many industries such as food, wine, beverages, dairy products, fine chemical pharmacy and bioengineering.

For more detailed information, please visit our website http://www.sansunstainless.com or contact us at sansun05@sansunstainless.com.

sanitary ball valve
stainless steel ball valve


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