Manufacturer Of Sanitary Steam Traps

Sanitary steam traps / hygienical Steam Traps / Clean Steam Traps are used in industries where steam purity is critical, such as in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. These traps are designed to remove condensate and other impurities from steam systems while maintaining the purity of the steam.

Clean steam traps and accessory devices for process SIP and distribution line condensate removal, 1/2″ – 2″ (DN15 – DN80), tri-clamp, weld end or NPT connections, low flow to very high flow, all with low subcooling.

SANSUN offers the Pharma industries the broadest range of Clean Steam traps for SIP condensate removal and devices that provide unique solutions to common SIP problems.

Single steam traps that cover cool condensate loads at 20 psid (1,38 bar-d) from 1934 lbs/hr (877 kg/hr) to very large vessel heat-up loads up to 12,758 lbs/hr (5787 kg/hr).

The industry first developed for:

space constrained installations with as little as 2.5″ (64mm) of distance between validation sensor and steam trap
dramatically reducing the probability of validation temperature alarms
The industries’ first device developed to reduce the capital cost associated with under vessel SIP tubing and control requirements.

The industries first devices developed to increase the uptime for your process vessels by reducing SIP heat-uptimes, while minimizing clean steam use.

Sanitary steam traps / hygienical Steam Traps / Clean Steam Traps

The free flow of condensate, seamless design to the maximum extent to suppress bacterial accumulation;
The “fail-open” characteristic minimizes the possibility of critical operation shutdown;
The large valve mouth design can quickly discharge a large amount of air to ensure rapid start-up, prevent blockage, and ensure continuous operation.
Self draining when installed vertically (body outlet side down)

  • either vertical or horizontal connections
    The internal non-retention structure, self-emptying design of condensate, surface roughness RA<0.6um to prevent bacterial growth.
Sanitary steam traps hygienical Steam Traps Clean Steam Traps

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