Professional Factory/Manufacturer of Sanitary Self-Priming Pump Centrifugal Pump

Features of sanitary self-priming pump:
The sanitary self-priming pump is a highly efficient and economical centrifugal pump that meets sanitary requirements during the treatment process, is soft and does not damage the material, and has chemical resistance. All parts in contact with materials are made of SUS304 and SUS316L. The standard configuration includes housing and pump feet. The sanitary self-priming pump is a high-pressure pump designed on the basis of a standard centrifugal pump. It is suitable for high inlet pressure occasions and can withstand up to 40bar inlet pressure. The pump is designed with an open impeller, internal mirror polished, no dead ends, no residue after cleaning, and low noise.

Overview of sanitary self-priming pump:
The application of modern new technologies and new concepts to continuously innovate the production process of centrifugal pumps. The pride of a new generation of sanitary SCP series centrifugal pumps. Because it meets GMP requirements and traditional quality. Provide users with better pump performance, higher efficiency, longer service life, and users benefit more.

Sanitary self-priming pump application:
Medicines: infusion, distilled water, high-purity water, Chinese medicine liquid with particles of 3-6 mm, extract; cosmetics: dyes, alcohol, essential oils; dairy products: whey, cream, milk, sugar liquid; beverages: alcohol, liquor , Beer, wort, fermentation broth, fruit juice drinks, beverages with particles; others: confectionery, baking, chemical industries, etc.

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