Factory/Manufacturer of Sanitary Stainless Steel Reversing Valve

The stainless steel pneumatic sanitary reversing valve is mainly used for the purpose of reversing or stopping the medium. Because of its superior sealing and cleanability, it is widely used in various sanitary industries.

Working principle of sanitary pneumatic reversing valve:
Pneumatic cut-off/reversing valve series is to convert the energy generated by compressed air into mechanical energy, which will drive the axial movement of the valve stem, so that the position of the moving sealing component will control the opening and closing of the pipe port, and finally reach the medium For the purpose of reversing or staying, the manual cut-off reversing valve series is ultimately for the purpose of medium reversing or staying through manual manipulation of the handle.

Standard design of sanitary pneumatic reversing valve:
Various standard valve series can be provided to customers, namely for DIN standard series, 3A standard series, SMS standard series, ISO/IDF standard series, BS/RJT standard series, ASME/BPE and other standard series.

Reference for selection of sanitary pneumatic reversing valve:
This series of valves has two valve forms: cut-off type and reversing type. The cut-off type valve can be made with two or three pipe connections, and the reversing type valve can be made with three to five pipes. The diversity of interfaces fully meets the needs of the market.

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sanitary stainless steel reversing valve