Professional Manufacturer of Sanitary Stainless Steel Cleaning Ball

Sanitary cleaning ball is divided into: rotating sanitary cleaning ball/fixed sanitary cleaning ball/horn type sanitary cleaning ball/rotating sanitary tank washing device/fixed sanitary tank washing device/horn type sanitary washing tank Connectors, etc., the connection forms are: welded, fast-mounted, and threaded.

Rotary cleaning ball: Rotary cleaning ball is a kind of rotating spray head, which uses detergent to clean and spray the tank comprehensively. Because this equipment uses less washing liquid under low pressure, it is an effective alternative to traditional fixed spray balls. The use of double ball bearings in the rotating head makes this type of cleaning ball series suitable for all sanitary and industrial cleaning applications, including cleaning tasks for all sanitary and industrial products such as storage tanks, reactors and containers.

Working principle of cleaning ball:

Rotary cleaning ball: The cleaning liquid rotates the cleaning ball nozzle through its own power, and the fan-shaped jet forms a vortex in the entire tank and the reaction vessel, thereby effectively removing the residual products on the surface of the container and achieving a cleaning effect.

Fixed cleaning ball: The cleaning ball passes through the nozzle small opening of the cleaning ball to form a jet that sprays around, thereby removing the residual product left on the surface of the container and achieving a cleaning effect.

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