SANSUN Professional Manufacturer of Food Grade Plug Valve/Stopcock Valve

The plug valve is a shut-off or plunger-like rotary valve. The channel opening on the valve plug is the same as or separated from the channel opening on the valve body by rotating 90° to achieve opening or closing.

The shape of the plug of the plug valve can be cylindrical or conical. In a cylindrical valve plug, the channel is generally rectangular; in a tapered valve plug, the channel is trapezoidal. These shapes make the structure of the plug valve lighter, but at the same time it also produces a certain loss.

The plug valve is most suitable for shutting off and connecting the medium and for diversion, but depending on the applicable properties and the erosion resistance of the sealing surface, it can sometimes be used for throttling.

Since the movement between the sealing surfaces of the plug valve has a wiping effect, and it can completely prevent contact with the flowing medium when it is fully opened, it can usually be used for medium with suspended particles.

Another important feature of the plug valve is that it is easy to adapt to the multi-channel structure, so that one valve can obtain two, three, or even four different flow channels. This can simplify the design of the piping system, reduce the amount of valves and some connection accessories required in the equipment.

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