Manufacturer/Factory of Sanitary Bolted Spray Cleaning Ball

Sanitary cleaning ball are used to wash the inner surface of both horizontal and vertical containers. Cleaning ball for irrigation of surfaces with rinsing water and detergent solutions are stationary and portable. A stationary cleaning ball is installed, as a rule, in the upper part of the tank and is constantly in it, and a portable cleaning ball is in an open hatch only during tank cleaning.

Stationary cleaning balls are used in two types: non-rotating and rotating:

Non-rotating cleaning balls are a hollow ball-shaped or otherwise shaped head with round or slotted holes. The number of holes and their location should ensure uniform distribution of jets on the inner surfaces of the containers;

Rotating cleaning balls can be in the form of a ball-shaped head with tangential holes. When liquid jets exit from the holes, reactive forces arise, directed tangentially to the head surface. As a result, the cleaning balls acquires a rotational motion.

Rotating cleaning balls irrigate the inner surfaces of containers more intensively than non-rotating ones. Rinse water and cleaning solutions are supplied to the cleaning balls by a centrifugal pump, which takes them from special tanks.

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saniatry cleaning ball
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